TRACECA progressing thanks to Azerbaijan

Balabey Suleymanlı 06 nov 2015 

 Azerbaijan took the first step for improving the transit of cargo transportation within the framework of the international transport corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia TRACECA, when President Ilham Aliyev signed the decree on “The Establishment of the Coordination Council on Transit Cargo Transportation.”


Currently, it is time for other countries-valid members of the international corridor to take such a step, national secretary of TRACECA on Azerbaijan, Akif Mustafayev told in an interview with CBC. He sees the solution to this issue in the coordination of the corresponding ministries with the ministries of the neighboring countries, especially with Turkey, Georgia and Kazakhstan. According to A. Mustafayev, it will allow to clarify the relations between the client and transporter, improve the unified tariff policy and allow to deliver cargo from China to Europe in time.

The decree signed by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev is aimed at transforming the country into the biggest international transport hub.

Currently, this decision gives huge impulse to the international transport corridor TRACECA, in which Azerbaijan is an active member and initiator.

According to Akif Mustafayev, the coordination of cargo transportation is the key to success of the international transport corridor and it must be implemented by all the participating states through the corresponding ministries.


I consider the decree of President Ilham Aliyev relevant, correct and purposeful. Our job is to conduct the coordination work not only in Azerbaijan. Such coordination should also be conducted in the neighboring countries. After taking necessary measures in Azerbaijan, we should try to hold meetings with ministers of transport, economics and state customs of the neighboring countries, firstly with Turkey, Kazakhstan and Georgia, because these countries are the main segment of the corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia TRACECA and try to make this coordination work carried out in all the countries.”

Therefore, on November 11, Azerbaijan will participate in a meeting between the heads of 13 international secretariats of TRACECA, where a number of crucial issues will be discussed. A representative of the European Commission and representatives of the ongoing projects will also take part in the meeting.


The issue of the roadmap for the upcoming years, the draft strategy for the upcoming 5 years and the issue of further financing of the TRACECA projects by the European Commission will be discussed. This session will last for one day. 

Akif Mustafayev also touched upon the world crisis, which has reduced the trade turnover between countries, decreased the transit of not only the international corridor TRACECA, but also the Trans-Siberian highway and the Southern corridor. The transit of cargo transportation has reduced by 30 % in the last years. However, the situation of the Azerbaijani segment of the TRACECA corridor is quite good. The transition of Iran into a valid member of TRACECA 3 years ago has balanced the overall volume of cargo transportation in Azerbaijan.


At the end of 10 months, the transportation will reach 40 million tons, but it is not from one end to the other end of the corridor. This is the transportation passing through the territory of Azerbaijan. The situation here is quite good. The level of the previous years is being maintained.”

  Currently, the work on simplifying the unified tariff policy of the corridor is being conducted in the transport corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia TRACECA.

The transport corridor is 2,5 times shorter than the other routes connecting China and Europe. There are 13 valid members in the TRACECA corridor. Afghanistan was included to the resolution of the commission at the 11th annual intergovernmental session of TRACECA and became the 14th member waiting for confirmation from the Iranian side.