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On 25 October 2017, upon official invitation, Mr. Ciopraga, TRACECA Secretary General met with Mr. Samuel Doveri-Vesterbye, the Managing Director of the European Neighbourhood Council (ENC)


During the meeting, Mr. Ciopraga made short introduction to Mr. Doveri-Vesterbye on TRACECA latest activities and plan of actions for development of the international transport corridor TRACECA based on adopted Strategy of the IGC TRACECA for the period of 2016-2026.

At the meeting, public and private infrastructure investments were in focus of the urgent issues within the Action Plan in view of upcoming Third Investment Forum TRACECA. 

Mr. Ciopraga stressed that TRACECA Investment Forums offer wide opportunities for the development of a dialogue between TRACECA, international financial markets and transport operators, being an attractive platform for discussing topical issues relevant to a competitive regional transport system and presentation of priority projects.The proposed projects within the Forum will focus on solving the issues of developing the infrastructure of the TRACECA corridor, within the country, or providing communication with neighboring states. 

The participants of the meeting also discussed on future visions and plans in the region and further implementation of the Agreement of multimodal transport TRACECA.

Within the Meeting it was underlined the course on the effective collaboration between the Permanent Secretariat of the IGC TRACECA and international community, particularly the cooperation activity with international organizations, regional structures, such as SRCIC, UNOHRLLS and etc.  

Mr. Ciopraga mentioned the issue of the recent signature of Memorandum of Understanding between PS IGC TRACECA and SRCIC, signed on 8th September 2017 in Xi`an, China as well as main advantages of possible input to the well-known – “One Belt –One Road Initiative”.

In addition, talks on mutual experience exchange and partnership has been started with Ms. Utoikamanu, who is Under Secretary General and High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (UN OHRLLS).

The meeting also emphasized the work of the European Neighborhood Council (ENC), which has developed partnerships with non-governmental and governmental organizations across the ENP area and wider Europe since its inception in early 2016.

(ENC) primarily works in the field of shared European neighbourhood objectives ranging from security and migration to development, democracy, and economic growth as well as implementation of partnership activity. 

Taking into consideration that TRACECA was launched as EU programme, Mr. Doveri-Vesterbye and Mr. Ciopraga exchange of opinions on the possible ways of contribution as beneficial tool to the cooperation activity between ENC and TRACECA.

It should be noted that ENC includes a partnership network across every single ENP country, which are also TRACECA member-countries as well as throughout EU Member States and accession countries.


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA