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Ways forward to develop TRACECA Pilot Projects were discussed by the TRACECA countries in Tbilisi, Georgia


The priority in discussions at the Regional Working Group held on 26-27 November 2013 was given to the development of route container trains regular traffic, railway-ferry communication on the Caspian Sea and logistic centres in the Central Asian countries.

One of the prime factors of logistic communication among the transportation players in international traffic is the principle of timely delivery, quality service and competitive price.

In this context the analysis carried out by LOGMOS Project within the scope of Master Plan recommendations’ completion shows that the specifics of transport logistics business in view of financial viability should exclude the monopoly of transport logistic services’ operators. Well-thought and legally formed competitive environment in the transport-logistic services’ market within TRACECA region as well as support to transport operators at the government level will promote business initiatives and attract private investments into transport infrastructure, including construction of new transport-logistic centres. 

During the discussions the parties noted the need for further improvement of action plans for the realization of pilot projects, including the organization of pilot container train within the framework of the “Silk Wind” Project (in the communication the Chinese border – Kazakhstan – the Caspian Sea – South Caucasus countries and then Turkey). 

One of the components of the legal basis of transportation arrangement in LOGMOS TRACECA pilot projects is the Agreement on Development of Multimodal Transport signed in 2009 by the TRACECA countries. This Agreement is designed for creation of favourable conditions for the development of multimodal transport and facilitation of traffic procedure in the region.

Follow-up work on a new Technical Annex to the Basic Multilateral Agreement on Fundamental Principles of Railway-Ferry Terminals Operation on the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and its subsequent signing will promote the creation of efficient basis for development and improvement of regular international traffic in accordance with the generally accepted world practice in the TRACECA region.    



Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA