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Project overview

Project Name:
TRACECA Regional Project –
Logistics Processes and Motorways of the Sea II
- ENPI 2011/264459

Beneficiary countries:
– the ENPI East partners (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) and the Central Asia TRACECA countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)
Indirect  – Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey

Wider Objectives:
This project has been conceived as the follow-up of three previous TRACECA EU Funded Projects, namely:
• Motorways of the Sea (MoS) for Black Sea and Caspian Sea
• International Logistical Centres for Western NIS and Caucasus
• International Logistical Centres for Central Asia
The overall objective of the current project is to contribute to the long-term sustainable development of the logistics infrastructure and multimodal transport along the TRACECA corridor.
The assignment will enhance the development and implementation of coherent strategies for establishment of intermodal integrated transport and logistics chains underpinned by MoS.

Specific Project Objectives:
By assessing the network from a regional perspective the purpose of the assignment will ensure that infrastructure and “soft” projects planned or implemented contribute to the continuity of TRACECA.
The focal points entail:
1 Removal of logistical bottlenecks focusing on those which hamper the flow of goods between ports and the hinterland with the objective of enhancing trade at regional and international levels.
2 Facilitation of efficient flow of goods between Black Sea ports and between Caspian Sea ones, ensuring better interoperable connections from the ports to the hinterland through logistics platforms, and improved maritime services.
3 Targeting regulatory framework and sector refoms for port, maritime and logistics operations as well as introduction of port environmental management systems.

Result 1: Implementation of the Motorways of the Sea concept through existing and future pilot projects and their hinterland dimension
Result 2: Development and promotion of the concept of regional networks of Logistics Centres and intermodal interfaces
Result 3: Master Plan for the implementation of Traceca LOGMOS concept
Result 4: Technical Assistance National/Regional Regulatory Adjustment
Result 5: Communication, Visibility and Information Plan

1A: Maritime dimension of MoS projects
• Set-up of and technical assistance to national, bilateral and regional working groups and task forces on already selected pilot projects
• Training activities and study tours on border-crossing related issues
• Identification, approach and gathering of EU stakeholders and customers
• Communication and dissemination activities to strengthen the dissemination and awareness to the MoS concept through regional support
• Assessment and recommendations on feasibility of previously not selected and new pilot projects
• Technical assistance aimed at mobilisation of different sources of financing for the implementation of MoS projects
• Monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the MoS pilot projects
1B: Hinterland dimension of MoS projects
• Set up of working groups and tasks force and technical assistance for improving efficiency (incl. simplification of border-crossing procedures) and attractiveness of commercial conditions
• Development and implementation of a restricted number of case studies on connections between ports and logistical zones
2A: Concept of the regional networks of Logistics Centres
• Set-up of bilateral and regional working groups for promoting logistics processes and network possibilities
• Identification of the core networks between ports and logistics hubs
• Development of recommendations and guidelines for TRACECA network of the logistics centres
• Study tours and training organisation
2B: Logistics Centres’ projects implementation
• Identification of interfaces to be adjusted to pursue the network of logistics centres
• Identification and promotion of synergies between identified logistics centres
• Technical assistance related to establishment of network modalities
• Follow-up of feasibility studies and promotion of identified sites, raising awareness and enhancing interest
• Establishment of a dialogue and cooperation between the promoters and developers of the logistics centres
3: LOGMOS Master Plan
• Developing recommendations and guidelines for LOGMOS
• Two/three case studies to be selected and developed as pilot projects, small working groups to be set up to for addressing bottlenecks / defining required technical assistance
• Support and capacity building for attracting funding
4: Technical Assistance to Regulatory Adjustments
• Case study related assessment of maritime and intermodal legislation and environment
• Organization of trainings, seminars, working groups to identify changes needed
• Development of a monitoring mechanism on regulatory adjustments

Target Group:
Ministries of transport, port and maritime administrations, ports and terminal management, border crossing agencies, transport associations, railway entities, shipping companies, local associations and institutions, business community etc.
Beneficiaries: Ministries of Transport of TRACECA member-states, PS IGC TRACECA

Project starting date: 27 April 2011
Project duration:  36 months