Training Course for ISM internal Auditors in Sofia


The European Union (EU) funded TRACECA Maritime Safety and Security II Project organized a Training Course for ISM Internal Auditors that took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, between 10 and 12 November 2014.

The main objectives of the seminar were as follows:

- the requirements of the ISM Code, its interpretation and application;

- the process of certification within the scope of the ISM Code;

- the basic audit technique in conducting ISM and management system audits; and of the mandatory rules and regulations and applicable codes, principal guidelines and standards recommended by the IMO, administrations, classification societies and maritime industry organisations.

The Course was aimed at persons involved in the ISM audit and certification process at maritime administrations of the partner countries of the TRACECA Maritime Safety and Security II Project. The Course addressed topics related to principles of auditing of the ISM company as well as on board of the ship. In view of the continuously increasing importance of the ISM system and the raising awareness of Port State Control but also the maritime community in general. The training also addressed the role and potential of ISM for an Administration.


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