Deepening interaction with stakeholders within TRACECA activities is one of the priorities for development in the region


On September 27, 2021, during an official visit to the Republic of Lithuania, a meeting between Mr. Asset Assavbayev, TRACECA Secretary General and H.E.Mr. Marius Skuodis, Minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania was held.

The Agenda of the meeting included an exchange of views on the practical implementation of tasks envisaged by the TRACECA Strategy for Development until 2026, and also touched upon trade and transport opportunities of the TRACECA countries along Europe-the Caucasus-Asia corridor. 

The discussions of Mr. Assavbayev and H.E. Mr. Skuodis focused on the initiatives of the Permanent Secretariat and current activities of TRACECA, cooperation projects, terms and opportunities for interaction within Europe-the Caucasus-Asia corridor, as well as priority areas for enhancing the dynamics of the corridor development. Particularly, containerization of cargo, digitalization in the field of transport, harmonization of transport legislation, simplification of border crossing procedures, large-scale use of electronic multilateral travel permits, introduction of a single multimodal transport document, etc.

As part of exchange of views, the experience of Lithuania in the pilot project on international transport with the use of electronic waybill – e-CMR, which was attended by government institutions and companies, including from Poland, Estonia and Ukraine, was highlighted.

"The improvement and strengthening of transport dialogue with the European Commission, beneficiaries of the programme, IFIs, potential investors, partners within the framework of signed memorandums, as well as expansion of the participation of observer countries in the IGC TRACECA, including the active involvement of Lithuania, will open up additional opportunities for interregional integration and increase the transit attractiveness of the corridor," –Mr Assavbayev said.

The Secretary General also emphasized that the expansion of Lithuania's participation in TRACECA activities will have a positive impact on strengthening interaction of TRACECA with the EU institutions and will contribute to the implementation of strategic objectives.

During the visit, on September 28-29, 2021, upon official invitation of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Mr. Asset Assavbayev, TRACECA Secretary General took part in discussions with the aim of developing cooperation in trade, economic, transit and transport areas, as well as strengthening interregional ties with the involvement of business communities.
The Secretary General visited a number of sites, including the Klaipeda Seaport in Lithuania, logistics companies and centres, container terminal, frozen products terminal in port.

The Kazakh-Lithuanian Business Council, the Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association (LINAVA), the Lithuanian National Association of Freight Forwarders and Logistics (LINEKA), JSC Lithuanian Railways, the Directorate of the Klaipeda State Seaport, etc. participated in discussions.

The visit also included a meeting with the leadership of the Klaipeda Free Economic Zone, with the Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association LINAVA, Lithuanian Railways, as well as a visit to enterprises located in the free economic zone, the Kaunas Intermodal Terminal and the main logistics terminals of Vilnius (LINEKA).


Permanent Secretaritat of the IGC TRACECA